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Video outreach best practices and pro tips

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What do you think your prospects want? They're just like us, they may not be able to stop thinking about what their next purchase is going to look or taste like. If we put food in front of them and then say "don't eat it," would that work for you either when someone's trying to sell something?

A video sales email is a great way to have fun while delivering an engaging message. It provides you with the opportunity to express yourself more creatively and show your personality, which is much appreciated by prospects because it makes them feel like they're talking one-on-one instead of someone who's just trying to get their money. Here are our top tips and best practices for making sure that your videos always bring in new customers. 

1. Add a video related emoji in your subject line 🎙️
Crafting a compelling subject line is essential for any email. You have to get the recipient's attention and convince them that they need to read what you're sending, otherwise it will be deleted without hesitation. One of the most tried-and-tested methods of crafting an engaging subject if you’re using a video is adding a video related emoji (🎥, 📹, 🔴, 🎙️, 🎬) at the end of the subject line. If you don’t want to use an emoji, you could also try adding the words “[video enclosed]” at the end of the subject line.

2. Keep your video short, keep your video sweet
Follow the one minute rule: Make sure to keep your videos shorter than 1 minute.  An average person receives 121 work emails every day. Your prospects may not want another email that contains a lengthy video that sounds like a homework assignment. 

3. Weave in social proof to build credibility
In B2B sales, people rely on referrals and opinions of their trusted peers. So, do mention companies in your prospect’s industry that have seen massive success using your product or service. This will make your video highly persuasive and get your prospects interested. 

4. Leverage subtitles and closed captions
We can’t stress this enough, but you must include subtitles (closed captions) in your video. About 50% of your audience will open their email on a phone, and many of those people will have their phone volumes turned off and subtitles will help them watch your video without any annoyance. 

5. Get creative and make your video “consumer grade”
Bring your own personality and make a point that if they do business with you, they’re going to have fun while doing it. Make sure you really stand out. For example, add gifs and stickers on your videos, write a short message on a whiteboard with their name on it, or bring some props like funny hats. Basically, show them your fun side. 

6. Make sure to end the video with a “verbal CTA”
End your video with a verbal call to action that’s direct and specific. Whatever the next step is in your pipeline, like setting up a time to chat, or getting them to read a case study, or whatever it may be, make sure your prospects know exactly what to do next by the end of your video..

Alright! Now that you know these tips and best practices, do share them with the rest of your team, so they can benefit too.