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How top sales professionals use videos to engage prospects

  • 2 mins


Make video your secret weapon in your sales automation toolkit in 2021

Did you know 93% of executives watch online videos every week?

Of the current 1.6 trillion emails sent and received per day, people tend to spend only about six seconds reading each one… yet 60% of all links are clicked on! All this tells us video is an effective way to do more business—and it's a trend that looks like it will continue to grow in popularity as time goes by.

The benefits of leveraging video into your sales outreach campaigns couldn't be any more clear. In this 4-part blog post, we'll cover how to use videos in every major step of your sales cycle -

Cold outreach
Automated responses
Meeting scheduling and reminders
Automated progress updates

1. Cold outreach

It may appear easier to approach prospects in a one-on-one setting, but people that are bombarded with emails daily have little time for anything. Sales teams need to up their cold outreach game in order to close deals more effectively.

Here are our top 4 tips on using videos in cold outreach:

Create Dynamic Videos! Instead of having your team spend the bulk of their time attempting to record similar videos over and over again, have them record a video template that can be personalized for each prospect. Adding a prospect's name and a personal touch right in the video helps prospects really connect with what they have to say.
Add a moving Gif of your face right in your email content. Why? Well, when your prospects receive an email, they see that there is a person behind this email and it's not just another spam, making them more likely to engage with you.
Make sure to address and acknowledge your prospects' pain points and obstacles blocking their success. And make sure to add an explanation of how your product or service will help them overcome these hurdles.
Customize your video page with your company's logo and branding and also add your prospect's company logo on the video page, making it look like a landing page made just for your prospect. 

2. Automated responses (coming soon in the next post...)