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GrowPronto books 45 meetings and closes 7 accounts with personalized videos

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GrowPronto books 45 meetings and closes 7 accounts with personalized videos


Key Results

Campaign duration 50 days
Deals closed 45
Annual contract value 7


Overview: What is GrowPronto?

GrowPronto is a B2B company focused on contacting C-suite level managers, directors, founders, and owners to aid them in their marketing efforts. GrowPronto helps their customers increase their sales and customer engagement by running successful social media and email marketing campaigns.

Challenge: GrowPronto's was struggling with limited deal flow

The goal of GrowPronto is to provide their prospective clients with an opportunity to improve their conversion rates. Their plan was to create a dynamic campaign with personalized videos with easy-to-understand content that would increase their deal flow. 

Solution: Leveraging personalized videos to boost conversion rates and outreach engagement rates

After deciding to use Potion to create automated personalized videos at scale, GrowPronto recorded one video template that talked about the company's vision, detailed the customer journey, and led more potential clients to purchase. GrowPronto generated hundreds of personalized videos for prospects in minutes. 

In the first 50 days of using Potion videos as part of their campaign, GrowPronto managed to book 45 meetings and closed 7 accounts and counting. GrowPronto is now doubling down on this process by adding thousands of new video messages weekly to improve its success rates even further.

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