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AppSumo maker update #2

  • 5 mins

Why hello there! You all are sure keeping us busy out here!


But guess what, you asked - we listened… again!


Top Q: Can I see examples of AI-generated videos?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Potion Demo:


And here’s a quick update on the most requested features - 


Automated custom domain CNAME generation

Doneskiddles! You can find the tutorial here - 


Voice AI with less training time

Doner-kebab! You can find the tutorial to train your voice AI here - 


Faster video processing

Crocodile Done-dy! Now you don’t have to wait 24-48 hours. Your video processing will be done within a few minutes to hours, depending on how many videos you need generated. 


Username and profile picture

Donezo! Now you can change your profile name and picture from Theme page


Better responsiveness

Doneroni-n-cheese! Now your Potion video pages look crispy on mobile phones


Video naming convention

Done-kin Donut! Now you can personalize your video titles with {name} variable


Features that are still cooking in the cauldron -

  • LinkedIn profiles as identifiers instead of email addresses (End of Jan)
  • Workspaces (End of Feb)
  • Deeper integrations (End of Feb)
    • Vbout,
    • AutoKlose
    • Closelyhq
    • Flowlu
    • Gsheets
    • Shopify
    • Albato
    • Hexospark
    • Intercom
    • MailerLite
    • Zapier
    • Pabbly
    • Mailshake
  • Webhooks (March)
  • Whitelable MVP - Logo, Domain, and Colors only (March)
  • Potion video and audio generation API v1 (April) 

And lastly - ALL Sumo-lings will get access to ALL feature updates mentioned above! :)


Cheers! And Momo says Hi!



Old post for reference and whatnot... no one's going to scroll down here anyway! ;)

AppSumo maker update #1

Ermahgerd we're drowning in questions haha! But hey, you asked - we listened! Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions - 


Can I see examples of AI-generated videos?


Why is my custom domain feature disabled? 

It is disabled for people who have signed up using a generic, non-company email, like Gmail. But worry not, simply drop an email to with your signup email address and the domain you want to use, and we'll hook you up with the custom domain CNAMEs. :) 


How fast is the video generation?

It usually takes 24-48 hours to process your videos depending on how many videos you've added. But! We're working on increasing the capacity of the AI as we speak. By the end of the week that update will go out and all your videos will finish processing within minutes!


How can I use Voice AI to auto-generate my voice?

Once you record a few videos, simply drop an email to and we'll unlock the Voice AI feature for you. Then all you have to do is record a few sentences, wait for the AI to get trained on your voice and bada-bing bada-boom, you won't have to record the greetings manually again. 


How many users are supported in one account?

Unfortunately we currently have a One user per account policy. This is to prevent misuse of the AI. Having said that, we're working on building a "Workspaces" feature so you can bring multiple clients or teammates in one account. Tier1 folks will get 2 seats and Tier2 folks will get 4 seats in their account. Note that the video generation limit will still be the same, we'll just subtract the credits per Account as opposed to per User. 


Do you support other languages? 

Support for Spanish, German, and French is coming pretty soon! Around March-April timeline. The AI is smart, but it still needs to do its homework for a couple of months to learn all these new languages. :) 


It's also worth mentioning that ALL Sumo-lings will get access to ALL feature updates mentioned above! :)