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6 solid reasons to incorporate video emails in your cold email outreach

  • 3 mins


The power of social media and personal branding has made selling more complicated than ever before, since it's not just about what product or service is being sold anymore. Nowadays people are trying to sell themselves too - this means businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to connecting with their audience on an emotional level in order keep them engaged long enough so that some sort of sale might happen at least once every now and then! Video offers great potential here as there have been many studies showcasing how consumers prefer watching online content instead of reading text-based articles these days because it feels like a much less intimidating medium. 


Potion dynamic videos tool allows you to record and send a personalized message that will land in the recipient's inbox. You can personalize your header with custom branding, create a catchy thumbnail image for recipients to click on right away, include links and calendar widgets so they know what benefits await them when they open it up - all without ever having to land on your landing page!


Here are 6 solid reasons why you should be using videos in your sales sequences:


1. Creatively done video emails are an unexpected surprise for your prospects
When we’re bombarded with emails, ads and notifications for all sorts of products that can be bought or watched on the internet, it feels like attention needs to be commandeered. We have a constant need for something surprising or new in order to get our interest piqued again - which is why sales videos are so effective at capturing viewer eyesight. They offer an experience unlike anything else seen before; what they show us causes surprise without feeling too disruptive because viewers expect video advertisements as opposed to traditional ones when watching YouTube clips. This gives them opportunity to sell their product while still retaining most of the viewership's attention span by managing expectations well ahead of time through cleverly placed commercials beforehand (such as having messages pop

2. You can use your personality and voice to build an authentic connection
Video can be the most effective way to convey your personality over traditional text-based emails. It's much easier for people with a great deal of charisma and natural charm, like yourself, to let your energy show through in a room full of prospects or during an interview. Whether you're on Facebook live answering questions about how-to videos or recording tips for sales strategy, it'll make all the difference when trying to get someone’s attention who may have seen hundreds of corporate email campaigns.

3. Using personalized videos in outreach is way more approachable than traditional cold calling
Most people are visual learners. If you added a video in your email, your prospects can now have better retention of your message. They can even listen to your video while running their chores, making your email much easier to consume. 

4. Videos are easier for your prospect to hear and digest your message
While it’s hard for potential customers wade through dense written information on sites like corporate websites or even YouTube channels, they would have an easier time watching videos of products that are pertinent and interesting to them in their inboxes than following links from one site to another trying find content relevant only by its URL address.

5. You can make a killer first impression
Last time I heard, you only get one chance at making a good first impression.Your first impression is important and you want to make a good one. Leveraging video means your viewers will be able to get an idea of who you are before they even read anything about it, which can help them decide whether or not the article interests them. Human brain is curious and powerful, and science has shown us over time how our perception for someone's trustworthiness, power, likeability quickens within seconds when watching their non-verbal cues such as smiling, leaning in, making eye contact with others around him/herself. 

6. Analytics on videos gives you insights on what type of messaging resonates better with your prospects
These days, it's not enough to wow your prospects with a video. You need to know if you're keeping them entertained throughout the entire thing and whether they are fully engaged in what you have to say. Getting insights into how many people watched each part of your video helps you refine future sales pitches. 

Leveraging video means you can harness the power of your personality, get better first impressions, and get more meetings by building a personal brand of trustworthiness, power and likeability. So! Don’t wait, and start embedding videos in your cold or warm email outreach asap!